My practice involves making bodies of work in series, which are usually shown in the thematic context of an exhibition.

This is a gallery of rare works from my collection, which includes archival, historical, pivotal, experimental oddities and widows/orphans, waifs/strays ( the few pieces remaining from an exhibition which no longer have their larger context but which may fill a gap within your collection.)

Available for purchase through Avid, Form, Masterworks, Milford , and Artform, my dealer galleries

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Black/White Crawled Orb (2014)

Shiny White Spotted Cylinder (2012)

Red Textured Bowl (2008)

Goldfish Bowl (2012)

Shiny White Flared Bowl (2009)

Red Ridged Vessel (2013)

Matt White Cut Bottle (2016)

Matt Blue Wall Ring (2014)

Vortex Ware Cylinder (2010)

13 Blue Vents (2015)

FAKE (2011)