11. FAKE (2011)

H.200mm D.110mm
$450.00 (including GST and freight within New Zealand)

Similar to pieces illustrated on page 89 of John Parker CAUSE AND EFFECT.

The FAKE pieces address issues of intellectual property and cultural appropriation within the global low-cost ceramics industry

I found these anonymous found slip-cast vessels in a remainder bin. I felt the designer/maker had considered similar aesthetics to my own hand-made work, which in turn references keith Murray, Earnest Shufflebotham and Ewald Dahlskog

The pieces were branded FAKE and labeled JOHN PARKER and dated and editioned with ceramic decals as a proof of non-provenence that I definitely did not make them.

Top view


Base view

The double glaze effect has oblterated my name seal which was appled at the leather-hard clay stage.

Available for purchase through my dealer Galleries.

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Prices include GST and freight within New Zealand