John Parker

Ceramic Artist and Theatre Designer

Video of the 10 minute lighting sequence of CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER, my 200 cone installation, part of John Parker CAUSE AND EFFECT, my 50 year retrospective, with lighting designed by Phillip Dexter, condensed to 2 minutes by James Anderson

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NEW- review for PEER GYNT [recycled]

CAUSE AND EFFECT opening night video at Te Uru, Auckland 10 September 2016


The accompanying 140 page large scale book was edited by Mary Barr with contributors - Garth Clark, Andrew Clifford, Douglas Lloyd Jenkins, Grace Cochrane and Jim Barr and Mary Barr. Photography was by Haru Sameshima and design by Derek Ward.

Available at Te Uru and through Avid , Form , Masterworks , Milford , and Piece, my dealer Galleries